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Imagine for a moment that you’re a music critic. You’re checking out the new album by Los Mocosos and you’re thinking, “okay, this sounds fun... Some good old barrio-style rock.” Then suddenly you’re hearing reggae, funk and ska. Before you know it you’re reaching for the hyphen key way too much:

“a triumph of salsa-ska-funk-rock-soul-oldies” just sounds silly, even if it’s true.


That’s Los Mocosos. If America still prides itself on being a melting pot, It’s an America that Los Mocosos have seen a lot of; they’ve traveled to Canada, Europe, Australia and practically every state in the US. Toured with Los Lobos and Santana. Played Washington DC's Kennedy Center, San Francisco’s Stern Grove, Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival and New York’s Central Park City Stage. They won a California Music Award (for Outstanding Latin Album). 


Born in 1998 in San Francisco’s Mission District, Los Mocosos comes from the tradition that brought us Santana, Malo, and War ­- classic bands that crossed cultural borders as well as musical ones and whose lyrics had something to say beyond the shaking of one’s colita (booty).


Now after a fifteen-year hiatus, Los Mocosos are back with their appropriately titled new album

‘All Grown Up’ - Look for the snotty nosed brats to make their much-anticipated return to the stage

and back out on the road in the spring of 2020!


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